Welcome Tornadoes!

This is the website for all of Mr. Hopkins' classes.

Please utililize this site to find information on lessons being taught in your class and other resources.
To find the lessons taught in your class on a certain day, click on the "Lesson Plans" tab (for either the current or the previous week) to the left of the screen, scroll down until you find your class and period, and then find the day's lesson you are looking for.

The site includes lesson plans for the current and previous week. Remember, the classroom policy is that no late work over a week old will be accepted. If you know that you will be absent during the week to come, please speak with Mr. Hopkins so you can stay caught up.

Even if you do not need to check your lesson plans, please visit this site on occasion to see helpful updates and other interesting materials. We will be updating this site continuously throughout the school year to provide you with learning aids and other fun things.

Students, make sure you put yourself in a position to succeed by making meaningful connections with your school work, creating social relationships that support your best interests, and communicating with your teachers about any adverse situations that may arise. We are behind you!

Best wishes on an enriching and enjoyable school year.

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